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What is Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data which get installed on your computer, smart phone or other device with activated internet while visiting website Тhey are not harmful and contain no confidential information like home address, date of birth or credit card and bank account information. Cookies play substantial role in the functioning of our site. Some of these cookies, required by our site give you a chance to do shopping while others help us give you a solid, personalized web experience.

With the use of our site you also agree to use these cookies.

Cookies can also have random information, selected from server, and are used to support the HTTP transactions, which otherwise are "without function". They are normally used to identify a registered user on a website as part of the log in process or the initial registration and thus no user name and password is required with the next visit on the site. Cookies also supportyour "selected items" when you buy products online. A specific "cookie" remains in the user’s computer to identify him/her with the next session (meanwhile the cookie may be deleted by the user) but it can also be used only for the duration of this session and be deleted at the end. is using cookies for the following reasons:

1. To give you secure access your user’s profile, and use all its options like orders information, payment details and reports information;
2. To keep safe the content of your shopping cart while you surf the net and finish your order placement;
3. To keep track of the website categories that you have visited, products that you viewed and time you spent for shopping as well as the products that you purchased. uses this information to make the site user friendly, easy to use, to optimize the functionality of the site, the design and constantly excel in the quality of the services we offer.

Types of cookies:

The site uses one or more of the following types of cookies, depending on their level of need:

System cookies required

These are cookies without which the functioning of the site is impossible or is at high risk.

These include cookies for navigating the Web site, saving completed information when navigating between different steps, as well as logging in or logging in.

Cookies are also systematically required to control connection security and protection against unwanted external interference.

These types of cookies are often referred to as temporary or session cookies because they are temporarily stored and disappear after the browser session closes.

Functionality cookies

This category of cookies serves to make it easier for the user to use the website and to comply with the individual preferences of the user.

Functionality cookies include device recognition cookies, language preference and font size preferences, and more.

These types of cookies can be stored for a longer time on the device, they can be used in more than one browser session and are called persistent


Are cookies safe?

Yes. The information, which they contain, is safe and anonymous. They don’t have information that can be traced to you and there is no risk for the safety of your profile. You can find more information about cookies on

Third party cookies.

We give you opportunity to share our website trough social media sites like Facebook,Twitteretc. By doing so, you also approve the use of cookies from these suppliers. More information about how these sites use cookies can be found on their websites.
We use third party cookies to summarize statistical data using analytical instruments like GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdWords, Facebook, Gemius. The statistical information, collected from third parties contains no personal data or information to identify your personality.
We share marketing programs with selected third parties and we allow them to use cookies on our site. These cookies give us opportunity to target the content of the ads we show you.

May I switch off the cookies? uses cookies to guarantee our clients that we provide the best standard in online services. Nevertheless as part of our personal life and security policy
we require your agreement to use them. To withdraw your agreement or if you like to be informed every time when a cookie is about to be used, you have to change the settings in your browser to prevent us from keeping the cookies on the hard drive of your computer. You can find information how to de-activate the cookies in the "Help" section of your browser menu. You need to know that in case you decide toNOT use cookies it will affect your use of our site and many integral modules, functions including (and not only) adding products to your shopping cart and access to your account will not work at all.

How to control and delete cookies?

You can easily delete the cookies from your computer or mobile by using your browser. Instructions of how to do this are given in the "Help" section in the menu of your browser. You can choose to deactivate the cookies and to be informed every time a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile. Please note that if you decide to de-activate the cookies you will not be able to use all functions.
More information for clearing, de-activating and managing the cookies you can find in the help section in the browser you use:

• MozillaFirefox
• GoogleChrome
• InternetExplorer
• Opera


Disable cookies

As a user, you have the ability to control the cookies used, delete the cookies stored on your device, and disable the use of cookies in advance. Keep in mind that blocking cookies will affect the way the website works and may cause the website to malfunction.