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Rare NWA 6945 1.78g Slice HED Achrondrite (Diogenite, polymict)

Rare NWA 6945 1.78g Slice HED Achondrite (Diogenite, polymict)   Class: HED Achondrite (Diogenite, polymict) Place of Purchase: North West Africa Date: 2010 Total ...

£40,99 GBP
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Mreira 5.08g (L6) Chrondrite Meteorite (Witnessed Fall)

Mreira 5.08g (L6) Chrondrite Meteorite (Witnessed Fall).   Classification:  L6 Chrondrite Observed Fall:  Yes Year:  2012 Country:  Mauritania Total Known Weig...

£49,99 GBP
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Tatahouine (Diogenite) Meteorite 0.245g Fragments in floating display

Tatahouine (Diogenite) Meteorite 0.245g. Fragments - Witnessed Fall   Classification:  Diogenite Observed Fall:  Yes Year 1931 Country:  Tunisia Total Known Wei...

£7,99 GBP
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Okenite, Quartz (Var: Chalcedony)

Okenite, Quartz (Var: Chalcedony)   Location:  Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India Weight: 253 grams Size: L x 11cm H x 4cm W x 9cm   An impressive cabine...

£59,99 GBP
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