About Us

Meteorites Ltd was founded in 2015 by two lovers of meteorites and minerals. Our activity is related to sales of meteorites and minerals and their processing. Over time, we have decided to create an online sales platform that is fair for both, buyers and sellers.

Our experience with other sales platforms prompt us to make a platform, which can minimize fraudulent practices, incorrect users, and false listings.

We asked ourselves - What basic functions should one online auction possess, in order to offer first class service?

Question with many answers:


• Consumers to feel confident and sure, that no one has an unfair advantage;

• To be maintain a safe, fair and nice place for shopping;

• To be decrease the risks for buyers and sellers;

• To create a pleasant atmosphere for all users;

• To protect consumers' rights and their personal data;

• To protect consumers' rights regarding their intellectual property;

• To be dynamic, fast, simplyand convenient to use;

• To be specific;

• To be user friendly;

• To be fairly place regarding the price of the provided services;

• To be protected by the best internet technologies.

During three years, we have developed this platform with the right components for high quality service.
With the many functional modules, policies, rules and transparency, our online auction can provide everything you need for a hassle-free exchange of goods and services worldwide.

For the last six months during the site development, we have tested all components such as stability, speed, security, convenience, and more.

We put ourselves in the place of the buyer and seller. We have added everything necessary, to make everyone feel comfortable.

What we offer if you are a buyer:

Protection of your personal data;
We have selected the best traders with impeccable reputation;
Easy, convenient and enjoyable shopping interface;
Possibility for individual shopping;
Ability to combine deliveries;
Estimated delivery costs, before completion of the purchase;
Combined invoices for hassle-free shopping;
A live Bid, Buy Now , Make me Offer or Auction;

Proxy bidding. Buyers set the highest price they’re willing to pay;
Immediate updates regarding the bidding and withdrawal of the offers;
Possibility for public questions to the sellers regarding a specific item;
Ability to view seller’s rating and history;
Easy communication with the seller for a troublesome transaction;
Possibility of Pick up;
Quick choice of shipping costs;
Easy payment for the purchased items;
Responsive interface suitable for shopping from your mobile device anytime, anywhere;

Many other suitable tools that will surprise you.

What we offer if you are a seller:

Protection of your personal data;
Easy, convenient and enjoyable sales interface;
Ability to combine deliveries;
Option to combine invoices;
Multiple payment options, including crypto currencies;
Ability to display your offline store on Google Map;
 Possibility to pick up from your offline store;
Ability to view buyer rating and history;
Easy communication for a good deal. Strengthening the relationship with the buyer through the possibility of direct dialogue;
Effective business communication with other sellers;
Ability to upload videos that will improve product performance;
Ability to import images and videos from other platforms ( YouTube, websites , etc.);
Free listings. No limits and charges for listings that have no advertising purpose. If you don't sell anything, you will not pay for the reissue of the listing;
Full or partial refund of the feesin case of a failed deal from the side of the incorrect buyer;
Customized times for start and end of the listing;
Automatically reissue of the sale listings;
A live Bid , Buy Now, Make me Offer or Auction . Choose the right one for your sale;
Public and private auctions;
Selecting buyers optionally, restricting or blocking incorrect ones to your bidding lists;
Auction Sniping. Ensure a healthy auction environment;
Set different prices for the same offer based on your inventory;
Full control over your inventory levels;
Bulk Lister . Import your products through a single CSV file;
Import your listings from eBay with a few clicks. It is so easy;
Force Payment. You can set a payment deadline;
Open your own store. With the many options we offer, you can turn it into a powerful sales tool;
Effective tools for the creation and development of content;
Option to apply fees (VAT) if you are a legal entity;
Ability to choose your preferred payment currency;
Great accounting organization. Option to issue invoices;
Holiday mode. Let your customers know when you are on vacation;
Protection against unfair competition and fraudulent traders who would undermine the prestige of the platform. Not everyone will be able to sell at www.meteorites.bid;
Responsive interface suitable for sales from your mobile device anywhere, anytime;
100 Euro bonus. Test the platform without financial loss;
Work with your own name or brand. Put your phone, email, website. Without limitations. Allow your customers to make the most of your services;

Many other suitable tools that will surprise you.

Meteorites Ltd continues to improve and develop the platform every day. We try to keep it up to date and at a good level. We will continue to increase the service level and functionality to a degree of perfection.

Ourfuture tasks will be to improve the translation and to make the site avalaible into different languages , to improve the speed, to add new and interesting features,that will make it easier and comfortable for you to use our online platform.

We know that there is no perfect sales platform, but we will strive to create one!

Enjoy it

The Meteorites.bid Team